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October 8 2015


7 thoughts on “INDEX (coming)

  1. crossman, even though you make a statement that you have been studying scripture , I can see you still have a lot to learn. For instance there was no “cross,” but a pole (tree) set upright in the ground. His name is NOT Jesus as there is no letter J in any scriptural language, and in fact it was not in the English language until around 1512 CE. Our Father’s name is NOT The Lord or Goid, but Yahuwah, directly from the Tetragrammaton.
    I am 74 years of age and have been studying scripture at least as long as you and these things are self-evident in scripture if you read study it with an honest desire to learn the truth and with the guidance of the Sacred Spirit.


    • Hi Buck. I wrote an excellent reply to this, but it seems it got lost in the process! Anyway, there are many religious viewpoints and it is up to us all to sort the wood from the trees. I did mention “pole” and “name” in the article “Broken Religion”. We will have to agree to differ for the time being. “The Spirit of truth will lead you into all truth”. We need to seek the Spirit directly for his guidance. Thanks for your comment. crossroman.

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      • Hey Crossroman,

        I read Buck’s post and it seems from what he is saying in his post that he could be apart of the ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’ movement. They really stress the fact that there is not J in the original languages and like to use special names for God. He may not be apart of their movement, but I just thought I would let you know because it is a heretical movement that you study up on just in case. You can find out more about the movement by searching apologia studios or Alpha and Omega ministries on YouTube.

        Have a great day,


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    • Crossroman – I have encountered Buck on several Aoox posts & corresponded with him via personal email numerous times. He has written a version of the Bible in which he has replaced all the names refrring to God with what he claims to be the ONLY appropriate “right” names. Of course these names are his translation of earlier Hebrew scripts, which are factual representations, but NOT appropriate translations. The very issue regarding the name “Jesus” being inappropriate due to the lack of the letter “J” appearing in the 16th century is a clear indication of translator error. Obviously, the entire English language (much less the letter “J”) was NOT even invented for many centuries AFTER scripture was written & compiled, so that ANY translation of Hebrew & Greek into ANY language would of necessity require changes in words & even names. I continue to respect Buck as a brother in the Lord & his teachings are NOT damnable heresies. But his position that insists God must ONLY be addressed as Yahuwah is closer aligned with Judaism & the Watchtower Society than mainstream Christendom.

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      • Thanks Mark. Yes, this sort of thing is really akin to the difference between heart understanding and intellectual understanding. It’s a matter of what it means to the person, not what it may or not be in terms of literal correctness. When you do this sort of thing with names you are really entering the superstitious realm rather than the spiritual one. Fair enough that People place great weight on “the name”, but if we have come to believe that the greatest name under heaven, in fact IN heaven, is JESUS, then I don’t think God will place a “fail” mark on our “exam paper” because of it. Conversely, many will bear that FAIL stamp just because of their insistence on “correctness”, being the stamp of the lawyers scribes and Pharisees. The same thing applies to keeping special days or sabbaths or for that matter any parts of the old law systems, in the belief that somehow this earns them “brownie points” with God. Sadly not. Thanks Mark.

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  2. Indeed you’ve received great insight into such matters. Scripture actually supports your stated position. Providing the actual passages that teach it would be helpful for your readers. That way your reputation and trustworthiness is dependent upon scripture, rather than a vague perception that you speak on your own authority. Peace!


  3. Thanks again Mark. I have visited your site and am amazed at the accuracy of your conclusions and the studies from which they are derived. I have to return to your blog to have another look! Thanks!


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