Christian Theology. Whether new to Christianity or a long time adherent in some form, there is seemingly a deal of complication and difference of opinion on theological matters. This blog seeks to simplify and clarify just what Christianity is, and to shed light on just why differences of thought occur. It has been and will continue to be, “exploratory”.

What has emerged from previous exploration has revealed that there are two “kingdoms” and Jesus was in one of them while we, if we are not believers, are in the other. We of course, if we are people of the world, tend to see Jesus as some sort of freak, who, regardless of the truth of his claim to be the son of God, is seen as someone who was especially “holy”, or crazy; certainly the religious types of his day claimed this last thing.

But if he  was right, then all he was pointing out was that he and we were operating from different parameters. He was operating from a basis of truth and integrity, while we were operating from a foundation of corruption which emanated from the “original lie”.

He made this plain when he said that his father was God but their father was a liar “from the beginning”. What emerges is that because man is morally deficient, he is subject to fear – “man through fear of death is subject to life long bondage”. [those who claim they do not fear are simply ignoring the truth that reality is going to catch up with them one day].

Because of some strange quirk with this technology, I just lost several paragraphs of writing. Will try to restate briefly – man runs his life on a “false ego” which results in him operating outside of the reality of God’s spiritual environment. Nothing of who he is or what he has done is compatible with God.

The important thing is to understand the cross correctly. By investigating the “sects” who are considered to be outside of Christian parameters, it becomes apparent why they are considered so. God has reconciled the world to himself by one singular action – he took upon himself our failings (sins) and consumed them in his love, because this is what and who he is. When he says “as far as east is from west, so far have I removed your sin from you” and “this is my covenant with them, when I take away their sin” and “He bore our sins in his body on the tree” – He does not mean sometime in the future, or if you do certain things, or believe according to some group’s interpretation – He means what he says.

This is the power of  the gospel, that he destroys the false EGO by taking its penalty and its “works” within himself. This destroys “man’s kingdom” and by faith, gives total absolution from having to “wear” the penalty of sin – it is forgiven -.

But those groups who deny this, keep people locked up in their false ego, attempting to deliver themselves from corruption and to generate their own “righteousness”. Because it is only because the totality of man’s corruption has been dealt with that he can return to God and maintain himself in his love and mercy. This is why they rely on intellectualism, because it is a product of the EGO, and to admit to the cross having removed their sin would also destroy the earthly system they rely on.