There are those who deny the existence of a supernatural Spirit, God’s Spirit. To be more specific, they deny that this Spirit can come to men and be involved in man’s affairs. Even more specifically, they deny the gift of the Spirit as was given at Pentecost, is the same gift given to men today. This Spirit is the lifegiving Spirit that Jesus became. “I am with you, and will be in you”.

So they have to say that only the Apostles were able to have this gift, or that perhaps it extended to their “children’s children”. If the Pentecost experience were not so dramatic, they would find a way to discredit that, also. And regardless of supernatural manifestation of the Spirit, this same Spirit is of course involved in the salvation process, but is something they want to twist into something that is intellectually conceived and explained in natural terms.

Therefore when they run into problems be they health or be they marital, they are “on their own”, with no understanding of the personal intimacy involved in the believer’s life between himself and God. After all, if you deny that Jesus directly interfered in the relationship between you, sin and God, and that he directly dealt with sin in his own body to enable your understanding of His rescue of mankind by the action of his love, and deny that this was His actual forgiveness of mankind, then you will be unable to cope if you think you have to deal with things yourself, and you think you are directly responsible for your own salvation.

No man can copy what Jesus did, he had infinite resources of righteousness. Yet when we allow Him into our core being, His Spirit is able to draw on those same resources to have direct effect on us also. Denying this effect denies the power of God and sets up a religion “having the form of religion, but denying the power thereof”. He draws us into His righteousness by the very Spirit of righteousness. Denying the permanent effect of the cross of redemption leaves them hanging on a series of temporary forgivenesses, similar to that which the old covenant employed, where the conscience is in a continual state of flux. This is a denial of God’s all covering love which is freely given and which/who does not need to be petitioned in this regard.

This supernatural Spirit brings God’s heart and love to us directly and now embraces our conscience so that there is a heightened sensitivity to all things outside of that love. To deny his intervention in the daily events of those who love him is to deny that his very love intervenes for us and also amounts to denying his will for our lives.


Now, as a friend who is into a legal type religious belief said to me as a proof against the law being abolished, “Does that mean I can go and murder someone and it is lawful?”.

It is all a matter of correct perspective and understanding.

There was never any law from the very beginning, there was and is only God and His essence, his being, his substance. He himself is complete in his existence and there needs to be no law associated with Him at all. He lives without law because He IS “law”.

What was necessary, was for him to convey to us who He is, and how we can become at one with him. Because the creation is just the basic foundation of the intended final product or result, He needed to address us in ways we were capable of understanding.

For those who are acquainted with Him, with his Spirit, they need no laws, because His very nature delivers to us the understanding, gained through Jesus, that He is love and all things need therefore to be of that same nature as Himself, LOVE.

Now we have to see that the way we come to understand this is because he gave His son’s life for ours. We love because He first loved us. He gives us the Spirit of love, which is his son, and is essentially He himself. We intimately Know him by this means. We become at one with Him, His heart with our heart, His Spirit with our spirit, We become “partakers of the divine nature”.

In essence we become God, or more correctly, we become Jesus, or as Jesus. We do not need corrective laws to guide us because we have the law giver living inside us, His Spirit, LOVE.

The law was made for law breakers, and therefore was temporary until law breakers were brought to their senses in Christ. We now are a part of the perfect “law” of love. “Love does no harm to its neighbour, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law”. The fulfilling of the law was also the abolishment of the law. Those who live under law have a constant reminder that they are law breakers, and as law breakers they will continue to break the law because they are enslaved by that which is enshrined within it. (death).

So essentially, there is no law, and therefore all things are lawful, since the law system for believers has gone, and the Spirit system is left. It is a matter of two covenants and you are either in the one or the other, the covenant of law which is death, or the covenant of life which is love.

So Christians do not operate to law, therefore there are no laws (other than the “law of the Spirit of life in Christ”) and so no laws can be broken. Christians operate to a higher law to which they are far more accountable, that being the very nature of God himself. If they are living within the love and forgiveness which is the very heart of God, any wrongdoing they may perceive to do, is fully accountable within the heart of God Himself. But they are not normally doing wrong if they are born of Him and are legitimate sons and daughters of the living God. In this context, “All things are lawful”.

[His law is love] [The Spirit can be grieved]


I highly recommend the book “Present Tense Realities”  Freedom from the religious struggle. By  TR Holloway.

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“For while we were in the flesh, the sinful passions, which were aroused by the law, were at work in the members of our body to bear fruit for death”.

Jesus died to change our status from fleshly to heavenly. From earthly flesh to heavenly Spirit. From the Adam of old, to the Adam of the new.

Because he has removed our fleshly status, we are obliged to honour this by also leaving the old status behind and move into the new status, that of being his children.

Positionally we are secure in Him. Actually we are where we happen to be in relation to honouring him as redeemer, saviour, and friend. If we do not recognise our new position that he has bought for us at great cost, we will then remain in actuality, in flesh.

“In flesh” is the natural state of man before He is brought to awareness of something else available, something greater than himself. When this awareness comes through law, he will be disempowered to actually perform that which is good. Flesh nature cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor can it please God.

Flesh nature must be displaced and replaced by Spirit nature. God’s victory is total and is available to all who believe. The natural nature in which, to which, and by which we have been subjected and subdued, now must itself be subdued and overcome by the presence of the Spirit in us.

“But you are not in the flesh, if the Spirit of God lives in you”. The heart is the home of the Spirit. YOU have power over your natural “flesh” condition because its power which it had through law, has been totally and absolutely removed. You, if you are not already, are potentially the home and the house of God and his kingdom reign on earth, through the spirit of his living son.


How could human nature, the flesh, the basic “animal” like nature of man who once was the image of God, ever be changed back to being like Him?

When we look at the “works of the flesh” and “that which comes out of the heart” and that which is “conceived in your heart”, and all the dreadful things that man perpetrates on his fellow man and the creation in general; how can it possibly be that this very corrupted basic nature could ever change?

Many religions offer up possible meanings of life, for life. But none offer a new creation which is to last forever. Except one. Religions seek to restructure the existing creation or to go off into some fantasy world of spirits and reincarnation. There is a decided lack of sticking with the facts and realities as disclosed over many years, of an existing God of reality and who indeed did bring about this visible creation.

There is a failure to observe the revealed information about God being a Spirit, what we would call supernatural, and failure to acknowledge all the evidence which points to something or someone who is unseen, yet very powerful.

When scripture says “How can we ignore so great a salvation” or similar wording, this turns out to be superbly understated. The apparent complexities of scriptural matters resolve into one big surprise – that what we have been given as a gift in this life, is meant to be changed to the next creative stage which is that of becoming involved with the perfection of God, as He pursues us to perfect us and CHANGE our basic humanity into something which closely resembles HIS divine nature.

He gives us amazing impetus and motivation and authority to actually bring about changes in our basic creational structure, backed up by supernatural resources, and which can even bring about physiological changes in our bodies!

When we believe the message of liberation from corruption and we reach out to this invisible God via His son Jesus, amazing things are potentially drawn into place, and we only have to be true to his plan in terms of commitment and belief and trust, in order to tap into Him.

He has already given us this amazing and wonderful body which He now desires to bring to fulfillment, to fruition. Just as Jesus became the first fruits of this creative process, so too are we able to join with Him that we also might then become further fruits by “participating in the divine nature”.

As complicated at times as this message seems to appear, it is the childlike acceptance that draws us close to the reality of his pulsating heart of love, which is a powerhouse of energy for the overpowering and overcoming of all opposition. It is an incredible testimony to its own truth that scripture does reveal this marvelous “mystery” for us to behold with our opened spiritual eyes.

Other religions become poor imitations at best, and do nothing to save man from his entrapment within this worldly system of decay. Only the promise, backed up by the results, can spectacularly deliver the goods in terms of renewed and restored lives, with healing of both physical and spiritual elements involved, and an outcome of eternal life.

[There is one name given under heaven by which we must be saved] [Jesus] [Life and light not darkness and death]



Paul said, “Once I was alive apart from law, but when law came, sin sprang to life, and I died.” He also talks about being dead to the law, dead to sin, and “You died, and your life is hid with God in Christ..” Then there is the natural death of the body, and also “The second death”, the final spiritual death.

So Paul was, as an innocent, alive because He knew no guilt. Then law brought knowledge of right and wrong, and declared him guilty. So He then also recognised himself as guilty, and experienced inner judgement which effectively rendered him as a dead person. He “died inside”, and this inner death held him captive to his guilt.

Guilty [dead] people cannot perform properly. People without Jesus cannot perform properly.  [without me you can do nothing]

As a “dead” person, Paul had to become alive again, and the only way this can be done is through Jesus’ death. In order to be participant in Jesus’ death, Paul had to “die with him”, and this is simulated in baptism. The death that the law had declared to be his due lot, was now accomplished through Jesus having taken it and Paul acknowledging the truth and reality of it.

Paul “died to the law” through the body of Jesus. The ‘death of death’ and the removal of guilt now having taken place, Paul is free to rise to life with Jesus. So “as a child” he was alive, then he died because of sin and law, then being “dead” he died in sin and died to the law. Then risen with Jesus he lived as one who was now dead to the law of sin and death. [And those who do not do this, die the second death]. Paul then died the natural death of the body.     [The law is negated by God’s love which/who forgives (consumes, absorbs)  sin]

Paul had life in his innocence before being made aware of his guilt. He again became innocent, like a child, free of guilt, as new birth became his reality. He once was subject to the law of cause and effect, but Jesus took the effects, and gave him new “cause”. Death occurs because we are flesh, life occurs because we deny our fleshly origin and accept Him as the life giver and the one who has already given life and become Spirit of life in order to to enable our life.

Paul in Romans 7 is one who has been slain by the law by revealing sin in the flesh, which is our body and basic human nature. And he has no answer to his internalised death, which controls him and neutralises his desire to be a part of the righteousness of which the law speaks. He is speaking completely in context of law, which is why he is able to examine his own basic fleshly nature and how it reacts when under the provocation of law. Once he becomes Christian his problem is solved , but this never occurs in the narrative because it is hypothetical, Paul already being a Christian while he is doing this teaching about the law.

If we see Chapter 8 as a continuation, we then get the whole narrative as it began in CH.6, how those in Christ are no longer under this condemnation, condemnation by the law of sin guilt and death, which subject Paul particularly investigated in CH.7.

Man can never become alive under law, because law reveals our death from which, other than through Jesus, there is no escape. He brings in the law of life, of forgiveness, of the elimination of sin by the power and influence of His Spirit of Love. Mercy has overcome judgement. Righteousness overpowers unrighteousness. Christ reigns.

The reality now is that death is dead, and non belief in regard to this is contrary to God, though still it may be present in man. Let God be true, though every man a liar.


Your body may be described as a battleground with flesh and Spirit in conflict. But a better, overall  view is that you start as a pre-creation of the real creation, and when you accept God into your life, you become as Israel and Joshua taking over the promised land. Through Jesus the victory has been won, we have been released from sin and death, and he calls upon us to totally take over the land that He has given us, that being our very person as contained within an earthen vessel. Our initial fleshly nature is to be subdued and transformed, we are a whole person, not just separate parts, once we are reconciled in Him.

That which is called flesh is simply the pre-condition of the real creation, the one that comes into play when you believe and accept God and his purpose. It is we ourselves who start in the natural, and ‘we are flesh’. Reducing the status of our initial fleshly life style occurs as we accept that he has overcome our deficiencies so as to release us into the full life he designed for all. As you believe and as you lean on and into Him, so He will be with you to confirm within you the victory which by believing you must now stand firm in. You are to take over your body, your previously fleshly way of life, inherited from the world. You are to take on the fullness of a life that displays himself, and which was intended from the very beginning. And HE HAS GIVEN IT TO US. IT IS OURS TO CLAIM.

The enemies which appear to be so strong are in reality only Ghosts of spirits which no longer have any authority over you, not that they ever did. God has given you the land, given you a body in which to carry his Spirit, Himself. You are his temple, and that temple should contain HIM and only Him. The conflict, battle or war may at times seem strong, but if you are resting in Him then the conflict is His, and he has already decided the outcome. If God is at your side and in your heart, your enemies are already smoke and ashes.  GOD IS LOVE, LOVE IS OF GOD. OUR GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE.

ISRAEL: Does the Hebrew Bible indicate the Messiah, the Anointed One of the House of David, is divine? REBLOG [424]

Christian Messianic Analysis & Apologetics

Job 19


25 But I know my living Redeemer,
and He will stand on the dust at last.
26 Even after my skin has been destroyed,
yet I will see God in my flesh.
27 I will see Him myself;
my eyes will look at Him, and not as a stranger.
My heart longs within me.

Analysis: Before the advent of the prophets Job posed an interesting question. Will the Lord actually stand upon the earth?  Will those who have died be resurrected to see the Lord?  It was clear from the prophetic books of the Tenakh [but not from Torah] that there would be a resurrection of the [“righteous”] dead in the Last Day, and that God would again be among the people as He was in Eden. The Pharisees accepted this, as do modern or rabbinical Orthodox Jews, though they often add to this the belief that only after the…

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And you say, how can this be true? this is just another platitude thrown out by those completely devoid of reality.

But it IS true. BECAUSE if God has taken steps to REMOVE your imperfections, then all that is left is what is PERFECT. And what is left is perfect because you were originally DESIGNED that way, it’s just that you picked up a few problems along the way between there and here. [perhaps quite a few].

Then you might say, well if all my imperfections were removed, there would be nothing left of me! But that is not true. You were made with all the bits necessary to become, in this world, a properly operating human being, full of life and love. WHAT WENT WRONG?

Well it doesn’t even matter to worry about the particulars of what went wrong, it only matters that those things have been actioned by God and dealt with, because he is only concerned about recovering the real person that you are, from the unreal person you may have become. His love is so great that he has already taken the necessary steps to enable your recovery.

Recovery from where I am TO WHAT? you might say. And this is the interesting point. That your recovery which he has already put in place for you, amazingly places you back into that original creation design. And that design recovers you not only to some place whereby you are able to shine in THIS world, this fundamental creation, but places you in the original intention of a perfect and perfected creation which will last forever, and you with it.

The imperfections of this world have caused him the grief of the suffering of his son, of his very heart, just as you as part of his creation have caused him that same grief. But he sent Jesus into this world to remove its imperfections by revealing who he is and how the nature of love is such that it is prepared to suffer all that is wrong, so we might see all that is right, and return to Him, return to love and the image it embodies, and which image YOU ARE.

You have been forgiven EVERYTHING that has ever separated you from Him, from the love that he is, and the love that you also once were. You are, and always have been, his child of love. In Him because of Him and through Him, you have been perfected. All your imperfections have been removed “As far as the East is from the West” and He remembers them no more. His love is also YOUR love, and is freely available simply by believing in Him. Ask Him and He will send His son to you to help you live your new life as a son or daughter of the living God who is the father of this creation and of you also. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Your imperfections have been removed forever, just leaving you and Him, the one who is love. Do not choose to deny this your TRUE identity which is in His son of love, in order to retain the OLD one which is devoid of love, devoid of Him.

Those who are in Christ have become a part of the new creation, the old one will pass away, is passing away, has passed away.


Many people and groups over the years have tried to get a handle on when the end times are to be with us, and have failed, sometimes quite spectacularly. Every generation has probably had a go at this one, and I myself have not wanted to “touch it with a ten foot pole”.

There has been “a lot of water under the bridge”, a lot of history and a lot of activity. The two world wars particularly, with the loss of many millions of lives must have aroused apprehension about what was going on and what was to come.

I noted the multiple “red moons” Israel/USA event recently, and of course we have world wide terrorism going on, and the threat of problems with hunger and starvation on a large scale, and the expansion of ambitious nations with the ever present threat of nuclear activity.

David Rice on his blog has a huge content of signs of the times for those who want to look into it a bit more.     see “The Weight of Convergence” for the end of time [“5773”] quoted by many civilisations.

The predicted “rise of the AntiChrist” to come, [if this is not already current] and the world “tribulation” is problematic in terms of interpretation for one as insignificant as myself. Others have strong views on these things. There could be much to come in the way of war and disease or multiple reasons for mankind to be afflicted in various ways.

OR NOT.  The people of Syria might protest that they have seen most of these things already. If David Rice is correct and the star sign given in Revelation is true, then this could be a significant indicator of the time we are in. Also particularly perhaps, the reference to Israel’s modern day resurrection in 1947/8 in that those who saw this “would by no means pass away” before they saw all this starting to happen, appears very indicative.

If Spiderman were around, I think he would say that his “Spidie senses were tingling”…