Rom.7:6 We have been released from the law, having died to that by which we were BOUND. Rom.7:14 But I am of flesh (which was) sold into BONDAGE (slavery) to sin. In the former state we find ourselves RELEASED from bondage, but in the latter, we are STILL bound to sin through the law. So the latter is a representation of the problem that existed BEFORE we were released from the law. To be released from the law is to be released from the bondage of it and to it.

Rom.6:22 Now we have been freed from sin and enslaved to God. Yet in 7 we are still in bondage to it. How can people say that chapter 7 follows on from chapter 6 with the same subject of release from law and sanctification by the Spirit?

How can people centre arguments around Paul sinning or not? The fact is that he was explaining how that he had in the past sinned, and the mechanism by which this happened, that it was by the condemnation of the law that we were rendered powerless of will because we were declared GUILTY?

He is describing the power of sin that was gained through LAW, and does not return to any hint of the subject of sanctification until the name of Jesus is mentioned in 7:25 in answer to his (hypothetical) question of WHO will deliver me (from this bondage to sin).

Through this whole chapter from verse 7 on, Paul is discussing how the law KILLED him, and he REMAINS DEAD THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE REST OF THE CHAPTER. Dead in sin YES. Alive in Christ NO. (Paul has died UNDER the law, not TO the law.)

Chapter 7 does NOT follow chapter 6 in progressiveness of spiritual order. ‘WE’ (and Paul) were already alive at the end of chapter 6, but Paul goes back into theoretical bondage again in order to explain why the covenant had to change FROM law, TO grace. [“He has abolished the law”][The law is “the ministry of death”][The law is “the ministry of condemnation”] Christians are NOT UNDER THAT LAW.

Verse 25 is NOT the end of the matter discussed in chapter 7, as many seem to think. To remain with a dualistic nature of a two law scenario, the one being the “law of my mind” which serves God, while the other being the “law of sin”, still stuck in conflict with one another with the law of sin in charge under the law and the “law of his mind” being subservient to it: IS NOT THE VICTORY WHICH JESUS ACHIEVED.

Rom.8:1&2 is the victory, is the end of the law of sin and death. (“Christ is the end of the law for all who believe”).

[The law becomes to us the law of sin and death][“For the sting of death is sin, and the POWER OF SIN is the law”][The totality of Romans 7 is DEATH, there is no LIFE until Romans 8.]


The cross validates love, it validates its right and authority to exist and it validates all those who take up the cause of the cross, the cause of love. It does so because Jesus validated it and its authority over death, it made it real and showed how it was the author of life and the vanquisher of the death which entered into all creation, to provide an objective and a purpose for those who, though being of a fallen creation, desire for it NOT to be so, and desire NOT to be a part of it in its fallen form, but desire to be a part of it in its restored form, and by faith are prepared to turn their lives over to doing so in the here and now, in denial of the apparent permanent reality of the death nature which we perceive this body to be of.

Because of Jesus they are prepared to take hold of the promise of God regarding their own future and that of the greater creation.

[They desire to be resurrected spiritually from their present deathly slumber in order to be those destined to sleep in the earth awaiting their permanent resurrection of life, their immortal bodies][GOD IS LOVE]


“Those who are His have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires”. So we can see that the whole subject matter of Romans 7, the desires of sin in the flesh, the body, has been crucified with Christ. He was crucified for us, and as we believe and take it to heart, we become crucified with Him. “One (has) died for all, therefore, ALL (have) DIED”. That we should no longer live for ourselves, but for Him who died for us and was raised again.

So what happened to our willpower which in Romans 7 was continually being overpowered by “the flesh”? That will power was regained in us, was revived to be in submission to HIS willpower, because our will was released BY His love INTO His love, allowing us to be released by that love, to ourselves be enabled to also love. We recognise the strength of His will in this regard, the strength of His love to empower His will, and the result of which enabled us to gain His life as we believe Him, as we gain a new will to also love, as we also love HIM.

Romans 7 verse 25 is not the final verse, the final conclusion to chapter 7, it is only the conclusion gained as to the duality of man’s nature, whether that be by natural law or Mosaic law. That there are TWO LAWS operating in man, every man, and these two laws are empowered in the first, by the appreciation of a conscience for good, and in the second, by a knowledge or appreciation of the consequences of evil.

The final conclusion to the subject matter of Romans 7, lies with Romans 8 verses 1 and 2, specifically that the “law of sin” in 7:25 is that very same law spoken of in 8:2 as “the law of sin and of death”. You see that we have now been set free from this law of sin that is in 7:25, set free by “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus”. So the law of life has now set us free from the law of (sin and ) death, and continues to do so.

In Romans 7 our will was bound to, and under the power of, the “law of” flesh and sin. But He has purchased us back by His blood. When He died, we also died, but it does not benefit us until and unless we BELIEVE it, Him. THEN the “law of” the Spirit of life (He became a lifegiving Spirit at Pentecost) is enabled to set us free from law flesh sin and death. Where we were dead in sin, now by faith in life meant to be ours, we come alive to life and gain His Spirit of life which then gives US life, its (His) life. Rom.8:11.

Because of faith, our fleshly desires become crucified with Him and replaced with desires that are FOR Him and OF Him. “To purify to Himself a people EAGER TO DO GOOD.” So that now, “the good that I would” but CANNOT do” I now CAN do. The sinner stops the evil and the mind is set free to follow Him, to follow the Spirit of life INTO life and all its processes in denial of natural nature and ITS processes..


Love was the motivation, was it also one side of the pain that He suffered? The effects of sin and the internal sin condition, “sin in the flesh” had exactly what effects on Him, and why and how?

Well, what effects do they have on US, NOW? There is guilt and anger (wrath) remorse and what happens when someone DIES that we call grief. Less than that which God is, experiences depression and anxiety, fear and dread. All these mental conditions come against us as enemies of the nature of God, and His image that we were made in. And all of these enemies are the very NATURE of that which is NOT GOD’S NATURE which is LOVE.

This disassociated self , this organised picture of independence from God which can vary from ‘sane’ to ‘insane’ and anywhere in between; is intent on harm anytime it is not involved in LOVE: and of course that is always because love is ‘a pure Spirit’ to quote “Avatar” the movie. And we are not that pure Spirit.

LOVE felt the pain and responsibility for every thought which appeared against God, Where Paul said “It is not I, but sin that dwells in me”, it was Jesus who came against this inner sin “in the flesh” and overcame it with much sorrow to himself. It is the nature of love to be concerned about everything that is NOT the nature of love, that is not the nature of itself. It is the nature of love to feel and experience the pain of the sick and suffering and to be in the opposite tension to it.

Jesus said “who touched me” because “I perceive that virtue (power) has gone out from me”. That woman was healed, and the same power was available to heal the faulty nature of man, but Jesus had to bring this about by direct conflict with the sin nature that lay in Him just as it does in us.

Any parent who has longed to see their child released from whatever predicament in which they may have become ensnared, will have insight into what the Father and the Son both felt for their fallen creation. “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…”. And everyone who has been released from the sin condition INTO that love will understand.

He BECAME SIN for us. He became on the receiving end of the ABSENCE of His Father’s love as He reached into the darkness of OUR souls and sought to bring light to OUR darkness from His own inner resources which strained His very life’s ability to do so. Remote from the Father’s resources, from His love, He had to do battle from within Himself against those forces of darkness which lay within Him side by side with the elements of corruption and OVERCOME THEM.

All the sorrow and pain and hurt that we are capable of suffering, He did so suffer for us until these were made exempt from the nature of His own love just as they were exempt from the nature of His Father’s love, so that He and His love became perfectly positioned to extract us from that self same condition that He had gone through to free us of it, forever. Only His Spirit now can be grieved until the creation is fulfilled in us as it is in Him.


Look at the evidence. “Our God is a consuming fire”. God’s enemies are consumed by fire. When Jesus returns it will be in flaming fire with the angels. While we are alive, any sin is supposed to be burnt out of us by the fire of the Holy Spirit. The analogies, the spiritual implications are written to be seen. “Every man’s work will be tested by fire”. What is of wood or paper is burnt away, and what is of spiritual import will remain.

Every man’s work amounts to WHAT and WHO every man is and has become. He has either spiritually entered into the promised land and lived his life accordingly, or he has refused to do so and also lived his life accordingly, and by this has prevented others from entering also.

So what will the torture of hell BE? Since God is love, and the hell that Jesus went through for us was because of that love, and because that love is meant to bring us through the same fiery processes to refine us as by faith we believe this is His intention for us, then it is the refusal of allowing that love to work His will in us that will disallow that love from appearing in our person. It will prevent HIS person from appearing in OUR person.

The criteria for salvation, the net end result is a person who LOVES and who HAS LOVED in this temporary life. “We love because He first loved us”.

The torture therefore, may very well be that face to face with Him who IS LOVE, knowing of the opportunities to love that were thrown away at the time. The refusal to love and be loved in the manner He prescribed; to be actually IMMERSED in His love may be extremely uncomfortable, to be finally denied ALL LOVE and to be completely and utterly conscious of it and what its loss finally means.

After all, isn’t this what scripture says, that when He returns in fire, that the earth and the works thereon will be destroyed by fire, and that will be by the fire of His Spirit, which is actually His LOVE? And every man in the testing and proving thereof, His cleansing Love!

[The one who does not love does not know God for God IS love]


Nothing has changed with Joyce since her last incursion into false theology regarding Romans chapter 7. Now she is quoting from that chapter to show that Paul was compromising his position as a Christian, in her latest TV video about “compromise”. [July 2021]

Ignorant of the fact that Paul was NOT speaking as a Christian in this chapter, she continues to preach and teach this false theology, being herself as deceived as those she preaches against.

If preachers and teachers preach and teach darkness, “if the light that is in you is darkness, how great then is that darkness” was Jesus’ comment. She talks about the increasing deception, of the loss of the difference between good and evil that is now taking place in the world, yet she is not capable of discerning the difference between good and evil in this critical chapter of Romans 7. Yet another example of why Paul said “I do not permit a woman to teach”.

[Joyce has compromised the gospel][Joyce’s credibility continues to fall as her message increasingly centres on funding for her ministry][It is a sad thing when “bibles” such as the amplified version and others actually deliberately distort the word of God instead of sticking to faithful translations of it]


‘The Spirit is the truth”. Where there is error in teaching or preaching, there is deviation from the Spirit of truth, and some of the fruit of the original system of lies is re-established in the mind of the hearer. Of course it is a safe course simply to teach and preach only around the central core that “Jesus saves”, but all scripture is given for our benefit and we should not shrink back from seeking to understand it.

Because there are so many points of view, so many ‘opinions’ on theology and the truth of God, so many “denominations” (let alone so many world religions) this is proof that there are indeed “many spirits” which have gone out into the world to deceive and draw people away from the truth of God and His love.

So what is wrong? Of great importance appears to be the verse, “did you receive the Spirit when you believed?”. This implies that either people did NOT receive THE Spirit or that they are not LISTENING to Him.

[The truth will set you free]


People sometimes hear voices and are termed to be mentally sick. Often in times of stress people are driven closer to “the edge” and it is often during these times that some form of closer association with the “spirit world” takes place, that which we may term as some sort of psychic phenomena, which may be as simple as some dream or other, or as complex as an audible voice, perhaps a vision, occurring.

I have on record two occurrences of Christians hearing God speak in an audible voice, though there may be many more experiences around in both church settings and also the general population that we don’t hear about.

One of these was someone in prison, in jail, who had undergone stressful situations and finally sought God in a real way, and an audible voice spoke to him in that prison cell, telling him to read certain scripture, which was about the giving of the Holy Spirit in Acts. He raised his hands to God and was overcome by the manifestation of tongues, something he knew nothing about at the time, and he went on to have a Christian ministry which included that of physical healing.

The other one is a well known and very credible and sincere preacher who yes, has a TV outreach to the world which is not Pentecostal but very mainstream (in a good way). Today we often hear people say how God “spoke to them”, but it is not in an audible way, but in some other feeling or scriptural revelation or something less tangible than an audible voice.

Many in the bible record this speaking to them by God, and in Christian times it is not uncommon for the Holy Spirit to simply lay an impression on people rather than to speak audibly. But it is interesting that the further away people get from the “natural”, that they are opening themselves up to the “supernatural” which could be good or bad. Many of the superstitious communities of olden times used to attribute every strange happening to “spirits” of some kind, so that in ‘recent’ past times many were burned at the stake under accusations of being involved with evil spirits. Under a different setting this could presumably have been the fate of Jesus instead of crucifixion. Modern medicine gives names to some of these mental illnesses which strongly resemble some of the biblically recorded events.

The point is, that the spiritual world is very close to our physical world, but because we must operate by faith and not by sight, we must operate in the reality of the Spirit through the gospel message we have already been given, in faith of its truth and in the promise of its manifestation in us, and it is only as we allow the Spirit of truth to control us that such manifestation can occur, outside of God’s direct intervention in our lives. “It is by faith from first to last” simply because we are sub creators to His creation, we by faith install this new creation that He requires as we submit to His Spirit and he is “formed in us”.


“The Spirit is the truth”, so if you contain the lie, then you don’t contain the Spirit of truth, without which you will manifest the lie and all its works.

If you feel that what you truly are is being hidden by perceived inadequacies or lack of courage because of perceived vulnerability, then “your truth” may not manifest in its full capacity, but will still manifest in a limited way, all the complications and corruption that non truth will bring.

If you are in darkness then you cannot manifest as light, but only as darkness.

The Spirit will lead you into HIS light and the brightness thereof. If we cleave to HIS manifestation, then as we allow ourselves to present His qualities to the world in place of our own, we present HIM to the world in lieu of ourselves, then we begin to manifest as HIM rather than as ourselves.

BY FAITH we cleave to Him and to HIS truth, in place of our own misguided idea of what truth may be, which is only a distortion of the truth, and distorted by the Adamic lie.

If the darkness within us is of sufficient strength through intense distortion of the truth, then manifestation of that “evil” may occur as disintegration of the “right mind” of the human personality takes place.

BY FAITH we assume to ourselves that which He has placed before us to manifest, and as we do this, He manifests Himself in us and through us, to the world at large.

If we consider all the variations of denominational “truth” which are thrust onto the world stage spotlight, then even though a central core of it may be truth (and thank God that it is), we can see just how much distortion of truth there actually is in the Christian world, and how this causes all kinds of confusion in minds which, hungry for liberating truth, are kept in the darkness of these denominational lies.


Would you rather have the OLD Christ who had to overcome His flesh or the NEW Christ who, once perfected, became “a life giving Spirit”? The NEW Christ became the Spirit which had already overcome, whereas the OLD Christ was still in the process of overcoming. He became the Pentecost Spirit of which He spoke while still in His mortal body, addressing “Him” as “When He, the Spirit of truth is come, He will take from what is mine and reveal it to you…” Or similar.

So Jesus Himself did not conform to the normal idea of “trinity” since He addressed the Spirit which was to come in terms of identity separation from Himself. Of course it also says “I am with you and will be in you” and “The Lord is the Spirit…”

So WE are given that same Spirit of overcoming, we are given the result of what He achieved in full. We are not to entertain the idea that we have to achieve what He achieved, because He achieved it FOR US in order to present us with the finished “work” to be absorbed by faith.

So the Christ who is “formed in us” is formed under the control and guidance of that Spirit of Christ who has already overcome, and has won the victory. “It is finished”. ALL OF IT.

[The Christ who laboured under the old covenant was not the same Christ who emerged victorious in the new covenant][well yes of course He was, but you have to examine the postulated differences]

[Stop trying to create something which already exists][Stop trying to repair something that has already been repaired][Stop trying to receive something you have already been given][Christ earned immortality, then gifted it to us through grace][We inherit the Spirit who has already overcome]