When Jesus fulfilled the law, He died. Basically it means that the “law of sin and death” that operates in us all, also operated in Him and brought Him to death, just as it does to us.

The important difference is that He also fulfilled “the righteousness of the law” which is to say that he always operated within righteousness and did not enter the sinful territory of doing things his own way.

So the basic premise of having fulfilled the law means he fulfilled both the aspect of fulfilling its righteousness, (IE He did not “transgress” it) and also that He fulfilled the requirement that one who so transgressed, should die.

The law simply was an expression of what happens to you if you are outside of God and His life. It is not a matter of punishing someone so they might learn from their error so they can then return to society (dead society) and carry on. The person under some law requirement might be killed, so they cannot come back from that. It might provide a lesson to others, but the whole business is absolutely futile because no-one can be saved by operating under laws which simply explain how the death process in us works.

It still means we are dead. The law of sin and death (Moses) could not give life.

Jesus was subject to the “law of sin and death”, not because He sinned, but because He inhabited a “death vehicle”, which was His body, made like ours. The argument that He was sinless and a spotless lamb of sacrifice is meaningless because if he were not “made in every way like us” then there was no point to it. Either He was like us or He wasn’t. He either “contained” elements within Himself which were the same as the undesirable (death producing) elements as we contain, or He didn’t. Which is it?

Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil”. We are those works, or at least contain and produce those works from within, from our corrupted nature which was born of the lie. The works of death originated from the people of death. Yes, we may be “children of the devil” because as Jesus said, “….and the works of your father, you do”.

This work of the lie was what corrupted our human nature. All men die. Jesus was no exception, even though He did not deserve to die, because “..this man has done nothing wrong”. Yes He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But He was in the right place at the right time for God’s purposes.

In His body the law of death was satisfied, He had died. But in the process, He also destroyed the very mechanism within man that generated sin, (Why have you conceived this in your heart?). This is what He came to do, to fulfill the law of unrighteousness and also the “law” of righteousness within Himself, so He could become new, the first fruit of the new creation. He became a new creation. His body was regenerated and immortalised,  He was resurrected from the dead.

So Jesus not only fulfilled the law of Moses in all respects, He also fulfilled the “law” of creation, the original intention of life having been realised for the first time. Satisfying the law on our behalf, through forgiving all mankind and then on the basis of them accepting His death as being a sin covering for them, which it was, because His forgiveness and His love cannot be separated, they are constant and forever – This means that the “Law” has become null and void for believers, because the “new law” of love constantly and always cleanses them of sin. Because He has now provided a permanent “sacrifice for sin”, He has instituted a new covenant which supercedes the old.  [ but if you want to remain under the old, that is your choice ].

Jesus has fulfilled the old covenant, the old law system, and replaced it with a new one. Because He fulfilled it, in doing so He abolished it. In fulfilling the law, He established  a new one, “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus”.

As Paul said, “The law was temporary”[quote cannot be found]. We have to ask those who continue to insist on the law just what part of temporary they don’t understand. It was fair enough of Jesus to say that the teaching of the law was a good thing, because as it is written, “through the law comes the knowledge of sin”. (No man will be justified by law). As Paul also said, “the law was not meant for good men but for bad”. Law was meant to reveal the nature of sin, for that reason it is good, and it is good in itself. But under the law “death reigned”. Paul called the law “the ministry of death”. Those in Christ have died to the law and live by the Spirit.  Acts 13-39 Through Jesus you are now justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses.

Jesus fulfilled the law on our behalf , we were dead under it and had to be rescued by His mercy from its judgement.  To continue in law is to continue in death.  LET’S NOW MOVE ON IN HIS SPIRIT OF LIFE AND OF LOVE.

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