That’s one way to put it I suppose. The truth is that only believers are able to accept this, because they are familiar with the grounds on which this statement is made, and why.

Christians have “The Spirit of Christ”, which is necessary to have so that there can be communication between man and God. This communication is necessary so there can be transference of information between the “God-head”, the creator, and man, the created.

The “Word” or word of God, [Logos?] by which all things were created, became man, and dwelt among men. Then this man (Jesus) became a Spirit. So what is a Spirit, or spirit? Some try to understand this on purely physical grounds, they dismiss the supernatural because they cannot rationalise it or explain it.

They are in denial of God as a supernatural entity, so they are also in denial of the supernatural influence by means of Spirit, which is God and God’s nature, as “Holy Spirit”, as well as other “spirits” or supernatural influences which surround the also present natural entities of those who also have spiritual influence in the natural world.

To be acceptable to God, one must have the same nature as Him. Jesus became “a life giving Spirit”; it was by this Spirit, HIS Spirit, (the “Spirit of Christ”) that communication was opened up between man and God, as at Pentecost, and man truly began to enter into a life giving transference between Christ and man himself.

So this spirit of man has to be like the creator, the son has to be like the father with similar qualities. It is by the one common spirit that Christians are identifiable, and this one Spirit produces what is called the “fruit of the Spirit”. It is by this that you will know them.

This Spirit is called “The Spirit of Truth”, and He leads into all truth. Man who is full of un-truth, has to conform to the image of God, in which he was made, and that can only be by the Spirit of Christ. As God is righteousness and love, this Spirit must be the Spirit of righteousness and love. It must also be the ultimate justice and mercy. It must be forgiving of that which is NOT these things, in order to remain pure and purely true to the truth.

Because man has been exposed to untruth and to all the other corrupted elements within himself; because he has denied God and moved away from him in an attempt to hide from Him and make the sad truth go away, he has turned truth into untruth, into the lie from which it was derived; turned love into hate and security into fear, in fact all the good qualities of God have been corrupted PERFECTLY so that it is only necessary to reverse these things in order to discover the TRUTH about all things, including man himself, and also GOD.

This corruption is seen as the “works of the flesh”, “flesh” being mankind in the corrupted form, and the truth about the lie that has been given birth to by the deception first seen in the “garden”, is to be seen in the outworking of evil in its various forms.

Once truth starts to reveal itself through the confrontation of the good with the bad, against the background of the qualities of love and forgiveness, an unravelling occurs of all the brain and thought processes which in the Pentecost example, in the unveiling of the nature of God, becomes an avalanche as those thought processes connect with themselves and their thoughts with God and His thoughts. This is the purpose of the Spirit, to align OUR spirit with His.

All of this exposes that man is built to a spiritual pattern which, once entered into, fulfills itself, because it is not actually only itself or of itself, but of the nature of God. Not everybody succeeds in the “mission”, because not everyone is sincere in their endeavours, either to understand or to fulfill the stated requirements, which really are simply to believe and trust that the revealed nature of God is worth pursuing in the light of the already experienced alternative, that being a world of sin in which all the best qualities of God have been denied their rightful place in us, because we want to do our own thing, go our own way, and establish our own “pattern” of life which more serves our own desires and wants, regardless of “needs”.

So either way, pain has been exposed as being a product of this world, because of “sin”, and which is elevated for all to see in the body of Christ on His cross, a cross we also are told by Him to “take up” ourselves, in denial of the existing world, and to instead, prepare oneself for the next world, by listening, hearing and obeying that Spirit of God, Spirit of Christ, Spirit of Jesus.

There is a polarisation or separation of the elements of good and evil, like that which was in Jesus while He lived on Earth, which He also calls us to, that we not only distinguish between good and bad, but that we leave the bad and cling to the good, which “good” HE IS. This good and bad is not just some arbitrary thing as decided by your average “religion”, or sect or cult, but is that TRUTH as revealed by the pain and damage that is CAUSED by said religions, sects or cults.

There is one and only one pervading and invading “Spirit” that will result in that which is truly good being revealed. There is one and only one “righteousness” that is truth and not lie, and it has been revealed and disclosed in the one person of Jesus. All things which come from that Spirit are good, all things that do not arise from that Spirit, are not good.

The one God who IS that one Spirit will hold to account all that has not availed itself of that freely available Gift of said Spirit, the gift of Jesus who gave himself and His own comfort up to the basic elements of destruction so that He might overcome them for us, and be seen to have done so.

This then results in two “classes” of people, those who have responded to the truth of life and discarded the untruth of death, and those who have refused His life and the righteousness He contains and remain in the defeated and corrupted position of death. Once we had no choice, but now we have. Choose wisely.

The fruit of the Spirit by faith and promise, or the works of the flesh, by the lie and by corrupt desires, by denial of that Spirit (of life). How can you bear “The fruit of the Spirit” if you do not have that Spirit? No, you will bear OTHER fruit which will be a product of the “flesh”, of basic human nature, selfish and self serving, which is “only natural”. But being born of flesh is only the beginning, you must also be born in your spirit, by the living Spirit of God.

You must LOVE.

[We become partakers of the divine nature]


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