In another post (1514 and 1514a) there is a link to videos of someone outlining the sequence of events of the second coming of Christ. He talks about “Phase 1” and “Phase 2” of the second coming, and the “rapture” and the bride and the bridegroom parables.

People see these things in a literal sense when they were never meant to be seen that way. He talks about “Phase 1” where Jesus comes back for the believers to take them into heaven, called the ‘rapture’, followed by a great tribulation of several years? ‘time and time and half a time’ being the so many days of Daniel etc.? And then “Phase 2” when He again returns in flaming glory to mop up the earth and establish the kingdom of 1000 years duration. [After 1000 years then this “kingdom” is “handed over” to God the Father, but I haven’t heard him say that yet, but that is the supposition brought about by scripture].

Given that I already see the “First Resurrection” as being a spiritual one where those “born again” are resurrected with Jesus already, in fact it is essential that they be so; It has occurred to me that his “Phase 1” actually equates to the faith held position of the reality of it all, and that his “Phase 2” equates to the actual reality as it (the faith position) is manifested at the end.

So rather than being a whole set and sequence of events in themselves, they are simply the manifestation of that reality already created by faith in accordance with the created design pattern set forth by God, as in the person of Jesus Himself, to whom we join by faith to bring about the reality of it inside and around ourselves, in order to prepare us for this manifestation, indeed in order for the reality of this to be created in us beforehand.

So that truly by His word are all things created, with a purpose to bring about by faith now, in every believer, the substance of that which is required to ‘qualify’ a person to be ‘fit’ to ‘enter’ (having already ‘entered’) the ‘kingdom’.

With that in mind, Jesus’ words about not leaving us as orphans, but returning to us (as the Spirit), and His words of prayer “that they may be where I am to behold my glory”, become essential to the premise of it being a reality for them, (and for us), at the time, not as some end time event. So that EVERY BELIEVER through the ages might by faith, experience the glory of the (HIS) Spirit, and the ever present ‘comforter’ in their lifetimes, which lives become by faith the living reality of what it means to be a believer, a Christian, and one who is futuristically glorified with Him even as we are glorified with him already, now.

So when it is said that believers are lifted up with him ‘into the heavenlies’, to be seated with Him (as He is seated with the Father), this is the faith reality to be experienced now, to be confirmed as the “actual” reality when He returns in power and glory THEN.

So his Phases 1 and 2 are really the faith position and the manifested position, the former NOW in every believer through the ages, where the collective church with His authority “reigns on the earth as kings and priests” and the latter the “actual” return of Christ to the earth.

He mentions the distance between heaven and earth and muses about the time it took for Jesus to ascend to ‘heaven’ and then ‘return’ to the earth in His glorified body, and seems to be connecting this with the “Rapture” as if to justify some extension of his thinking about the phase 1 phase 2 situation as them being literal events around the end times, around the “second coming” and the taking away of the saints for a period of time while the earth undergoes trauma; and then the return of those same saints along with the dead, to possess the earth and set up the “kingdom”. So far, none of this includes the ‘time’ when the Father is actually HANDED the ‘kingdom’, because there is yet to be the existence of the ‘millennial’ 1000 years supposed literal reign on the earth.

The church is supposed to be reigning NOW in the reality of their faith position in Christ. When Jesus returns AGAIN, (“second coming”) it will be to take to himself that kingdom which has been composed of and filled by the saints who are ready for the bridegroom and the consummation of ALL things and ALL times. It should be truly the “end”, “BEGINNING” without further ado.

One of the dangers of the literal held ideas of these end time events, is that it leaves it wide open for any “anti-Christ” to step into a still physical earth situation, and take over by force, in replication or duplication (in duplicity) of these supposed literal happenings. It seems to me that when Jesus returns, the second coming, that there will be no chance to do anything at all, and that the old earth will be dissolved by fire so nothing further can take place on it. This is the difference of scenarios between the real Christ and the anti-Christ. The “great tribulation” may fit in with the anti-Christ scenario, I don’t know at this time..

The link.

Rapture misunderstood?


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