WHAT to Believe or WHO to Believe? REBLOG [321]

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Originally posted in reply to an Article entitled “Child Abuse and Atheism” at insanitybytes22, I included it here for reasons that are hopefully apparent.

Whenever ANY person looks on another in judgment (whether a so-called ‘Christian’ or perceived member of ‘other’ religions) rather than seeking the GOD such persons proclaim loyalty to, ‘true religion’ rather than ‘right relationship’ immediately becomes the topic. As IB rightly stated in her Article – TRUTH is a PERSON. Alternatively, religions are mere ideologies formed by individual interpretations of the teachings of whatever particular assumptions are believed about ‘my’ GOD.

What is tragically too often overlooked in sharing one’s faith, is that God has NOT created a world inhabited by faulty robots, programed to conform to certain standards and regulations, but prone to failure. His presenting the Law through Moses was to reveal the Righteousness of God, NOT to set a standard…

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3 thoughts on “WHAT to Believe or WHO to Believe? REBLOG [321]

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