Eternal life – Everybody wants it, don’t they? But what is it, what does it mean, who gets it and when?

Is it possible to hold eternal life within you, without much external evidence? Theoretically we have the scripture that says that even if a man’s works don’t stand, he himself will be saved.

Yet at the same time, we have the obviousness of James who says that if there are no works, how can there be a saving faith? It all helps us to understand that the reality lies in a new life which then naturally gives off new vibrations of life.

But can you hold this eternal life simply in your mind? No – scripture speaks about the heart – it is not from a renewed mind that eternal life comes, but a new heart, since the mind is really a secondary aspect to the renewal that comes through the Spirit.

Conclusion then? That the new life, Eternal life, is an obvious one that cannot help but express itself in new and wonderful ways. Even if it is beaten down into the ground, it will still be obvious, and its qualities perhaps the more-so because of it.

Paul told Timothy to “Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called”. Jesus said that the one who believed would never die. You have eternal life which will not be taken from you. It seems fairly obvious that unless you make this eternal life absolutely REAL in your life, then you don’t really have it.

What is this new life? It is definitely not a matter of church going or attending meetings held by some religious people, although that may naturally fall into place. It is about new life that firstly exists in you, and then comes out of you towards others. But at the very least is both obvious and desirable.

[believe in the heart, and confess with the mouth – the mouth that confesses the state of the heart, not the state of the mind]


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