CULTS AND SECTS – Jehovahs witnesses [702]

Cults and sects disseminate misinformation about salvation and turn many people from the truth of it all. They get much of it wrong, and sometimes as in this case it is something quite silly, being whether Christ’s cross was a cross or a pole. [who cares].

The reason for this seems to parallel Mel Gibson’s film which graphically depicted an horrific  physical onslaught on Jesus’ body. The reason the physical aspect is depicted in such an extreme way, appears to be to lessen any other aspect of it, which may lean contrary to that which they teach. (So they teach that a pole is more torturous than a cross). They do this because they teach that the whole of the power of the atonement is related to Christ’s physical suffering. (Related to their “ransom” theory.)

So if their atonement teaching is deficient in the correct aspects of Christ’s inner emotional torment and his mental anguish as he grapples with sin, they will instead want to emphasise the physical suffering a lot more. Plus it’s just another thing they can use to pick on the conventional church with.

Their credibility is already pretty much zero with most people, just the blood transfusion issue is enough for most people to realise the nonsense of it without all the rest. And of course in common with other cults is the exclusivity and shunning of family members who leave their group, not to mention the covering up of sexual misconduct within their ranks. Then there are the Christmas and birthday celebrations they say they don’t participate in, only to have substitute ones about the same time instead.

I came across a web site which has taken them head on with this cross/stake issue and probably more also, explaining it in great depth, and because it was there I attempted to provide a link to it, but it somehow has eluded me. [It was connected with Randall Watters of  “Free minds, Inc.”]. There are many web articles on this matter though, and seeing as how I have come this far with the post, I will post it anyway.

[Just another cult, and another antichrist].


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