Jesus is the “ME” in this sentence. So in what sense are we either with him or without him?

There is this problem about whether or not the Spirit gifts are still continuing today, but further to this are those who dispute the commonly accepted belief that Christians possess the Holy Spirit, at all.

The whole point of becoming a Christian is to return you to God, to put you in touch with His Spirit which is He himself, to be guided and grown into that image of his children, as intended.

If you disbelieve that you do “inherit” God’s Spirit, then you do not have this guidance directly from God, you actually destroy the very thing by which you were intended to gain eternal life. JESUS IS THAT ETERNAL LIFE. He himself returns to us as a life giving Spirit.

Make no mistake, God is a supernatural Spirit who yes, has manifested physically through the creation itself, but who manifests from his origin and place of power AS A SUPERNATURAL BEING. If you in your religious belief, deny the supernatural, you are in fact then, denying God himself.

Pentecost was no ordinary phenomenon. It was its very supernatural manifestation that separated it from ordinary events, that was so to speak, its credibility. Jesus manifested supernatural power while on the earth, with healings and other occurrences. Jesus now seeks to manifest on the earth, THROUGH US. We are his body, his hands and his feet. As a living Spirit, he now returns to the earth to multiply himself and to do his works through us.

If we come up with some fancy belief that is simply based on the idea that the supernatural does not exist, that everything has to be explained from a scientific basis, and therefore Jesus is not a living supernatural spirit but rather is just an example for us to follow, along with the scriptures, then we have been totally deceived in the worst possible way.

The very means by which salvation occurs is then withdrawn from availability, because of fixed and firmly stated beliefs, based on man’s intellect and ego, and which directly operates in a faith contradiction of the truth of the reality of God in us. And by this the idea that man can create his own righteousness by that intellect and ego, and thereby rather than being in submission, they are seeking to establish their OWN AUTHORITY in relation to the means by which God communicates with us and changes us.

To deny the operation of the Holy Spirit as the living Jesus returned to live in the hearts of believers, is to deny life itself, is to deny HIM and His salvation. To think there is anything we can do of ourselves to enter into His life, and for that life to enter into us, is pure heresy and damnation.

The ME that Jesus is, is the one who removed all obstacles from our path so we could be reconciled to a being of love who never ever holds anything against us and by whom we grow against all opposition, because he has totally dealt with that opposition.

Self righteousness is a continuation of the ego that drove the Pharisees to their own extinction, and which still does the same thing today with those who insist on refusing to hand over the reins of their lives to the one Eternal Father, acting through the eternal son, relying on day to day and from moment to moment, supernatural connection with the love of God through His indwelling Spirit in the form of his Son.

To not be reliant on his supernatural guidance, is to be reliant on your OWN guidance, as you think you have interpreted correctly through scripture, but the written word can never replace the presence of the living Son by His living Spirit. If your little group operates on exclusivity of others based on your particular breed of doctrine, then YOU ARE WITHOUT HIM AND CAN DO NOTHING.

[You can do nothing means nothing of lasting good, nothing of eternal value, but plenty by which to harm people and the work of the kingdom of God][It appears there are some groups who call themselves Christians, but who are little more than a front for Judaism]

Csects Ccults

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