Why was it necessary for us to become new creatures in Christ? Why was it necessary to be born again? Wasn’t it because the old creature was DEAD in sin and needed to be crucified with Him and then born again in Him?

Wasn’t it what we were by NATURAL birth that was the very thing described in Romans 7? Wasn’t THAT why we needed to be “born again”? So we could become NEW creations? Doesn’t that mean there was SOMETHING WRONG with the OLD one?

Those to whom Paul had just explained salvation and the need to be free of the law, having recognised they were dead in their sin, under the law, then formalised that recognition of death under the law through the body of Christ, by baptism; were WILLINGLY crucified with Him, “crucified the flesh”, in order to be free from law flesh sin death.

So what is being described in Romans 7, is it the OLD creation or the NEW one. Is it the OLD covenant or the NEW one. Is it the OLD creature or the NEW one? Is it LAW or is it GRACE? Is it the OLD man or the NEW one? The OLD self or the NEW self. The OLD man or the NEW man. [Where is SPIRIT?]

Surely Romans 7 talks about the failure of FLESH under the LAW? BUT now we have a NEW nature, being that we become “partakers of the DIVINE nature? But this NOT under the law, but by grace, through the Spirit.

Whose “will” is Paul in subjection to? As a born again new creation in Christ, surely it is Christ’s will he is in subjection to? Yet we see in Romans 7 he is trying to exercise his OWN will against “his” “flesh”, but fails miserably. Is THIS the person baptised into the death of His old being and now rejoicing in the victory of Jesus? NO.

Having been RELEASED from the law, 7:6, doesn’t that mean that any further excursion into law is NOT then pertaining to the conditions of that release? How can you be released from the law and yet then enter straight back into the context of law? The subject then again becomes that of law.

7:5 says that it was while we were under the law, that the sinful passions held power over us. Does this then not put Romans 7 as being the description of the power of these sinful passions over us, and that under law?

From verse 14 onwards is a picture of a man of natural descent when confronted with law. He encounters a situation from which HE DESIRES FREEDOM 7:24. But wait a minute, hold the presses, if he is a Christian just derived from the victory of 6:22, having left the death that the wages of sin provides in 6:23, then he has received the “free gift of God, ETERNAL LIFE.” He already has his freedom through Christ, why would he now be expressing wretched captivity under law again? Is the person in Romans 7 ALIVE IN THE SPIRIT? or DEAD UNDER THE LAW?

The good that I want I cannot do. But I practice evil. 7:19. Is this the description of a Christ follower? Is this the reason that churches are accused of hypocrisy?

Well then, MAYBE IT IS.

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