2017. Jesus had two inner “states” and identities. The one was his identity as son of God. The second was the identity of the flesh that dwelt in him. From the beginning, he was from God and of God. His spirit was perfect and his will was always to do the will of his Father. That will was strengthened by the Spirit, which/who confirmed his identity as the only begotten son of the living God.

But He, his identity, inhabited a body that was typical of OUR bodies, with all the weaknesses and temptations of the flesh. This “flesh” had its own will and agenda, and, as we full know, it is a powerful force in the average man. In fact, it is the dominant force in natural man because man is said to be a slave to sin, and a servant of sin.

So we have two polarised states or conditions, both vying for the attention and service of man. The man that WE are, falls to temptation, serves the law of flesh that is due to natural desires and the sense of self-preservation. The man that HE was, served the presence of his Father, and denied the demands of his flesh. He kept the flesh at bay.

UNTIL He came to the end of his ministry on earth and entered into his ministry of reconciliation via the destruction of his fleshly body.

The polarisation of the state he was in, was then reversed, so that he now found himself in the state of his flesh, away from His Father. In this position He entered into conflict with his flesh and his identification with the identity of it. (He could do this because his spirit was ‘perfect’ and he had the power of righteousness with him). This conflict with his flesh was in the context of estrangement from external help, from the Father, and was severe to the point of it being able to be identified as the state we call “hell”.

His victory meant He had restored the original creative design intention of the human form, having altered/healed/destroyed/consumed the corrupted elements within, including death. This enabled him to be raised incorruptible and immortal.

We now, who have been corrupted ALMOST from the beginning, and certainly from the beginning of OUR lives; and who have ALSO been “Polarised” but in the opposite way to Him, that being that we “LIVE” in the flesh and are subject to its whims and “commands”, being that we are its servants: WE have been gifted his VICTORY by the WILL OF GOD, being that HE has established for us the reality of our forgiveness IN HIS FLESH and made it freely available via the Spirit that he has become, and in which form he was gifted to all men at Pentecost, and subsequently to us as the comforter, the Spirit of truth. (‘”Who is with you and will be in you’).

WE NOW are RE-POLARISED to be like he was, having been gifted HIS life to us, so we might be partakers of his blood and flesh, which he gave as food for our “consumption”; WE  have been joined to Him, having been “polarised” by the Holy Spirit, our identity now lives IN HIM and He IN US, and our flesh becomes to us as it was to Him, a foreign identity, our prior identification with our flesh having been broken by his “LAW” of forgiveness, which is his love. “..purify for himself a peculiar people, eager to do HIS will”. [To do what is right].

The will of the flesh, as empowered by law, has been broken, surpassed, banished, ABOLISHED; and the will of God as embodied in Christ and now in us, is in force via the gift of HIS Spirit. John says of this change that the believer “..cannot sin”. Such is the change in power of the position of the polarising forces of righteousness and unrighteousness. ‘We delight to do his will’, having had OUR identities confirmed as Children of God.

We have been gifted the same polarisation that He had, having the realm of our flesh disempowered by his forgiving love, and our spirit revived by HIS Spirit, to empower us to have dominion over our flesh, and to make real the victory over the flesh, in us, as it was in Him. We however, do not have to defeat the flesh in the same way He did. We do not and cannot overcome the flesh by any means or any virtue we may try to utilise of ourselves, from our own being: We INSTALL his victory of His now defeated enemies, in us (by faith). In fact His Spirit IS the victory which He now installs in us, and on which we now rely. Rather than defeat our enemies, WE INSTALL HIS DEFEAT  of our fleshly enemy.

Just as He reversed his polarisation in order to defeat the enemy, faith in him reverses our polarisation, installing in us that victory THAT HE IS, that we also might be PARTICIPATORS in Him, in His divine nature.

[His death guaranteed our life]

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