What does it mean to be a Christian? If you search these blogs or attend any one of the hundreds of different denominations or offshoots of Christianity, or even read the fanatical views of atheists or ex Christians, you might wonder just what is going on.
Jesus was put forward to solve the problems brought about by a creation devoid of moral values, and which is producing what you could call “evil” instead of “goodness”.

So the solution having been put forward, why aren’t all the problems solved, especially considering the dissident voices from among differing Christian groups? And amongst them being those who severely disagree with the majority view.

The solution obviously has not worked for many, even for those locked into their various churches and faiths.

While there can be points of theory involved, the practical reality expected of Christians is basically that they be at peace with themselves and with others who use the name of Christ, but this is often not the case.

WHY?  There are only two ways of living, they being to serve the flesh (yourself) or to serve Jesus (the Spirit). There are only two authorities, self and flesh, or the Spirit of Jesus.

Those who serve the Spirit, Jesus, serve righteousness, while those who serve, are in captivity to, their flesh, serve unrighteousness.

It is therefore plain and obvious that many of the “Christian” camp, are really NOT. Even priests are convicted of pedophilia and other crimes against God. And it is observable that many “Christians” also fail the morality test in many different ways.

Serving either the Spirit or the flesh is a clear cut choice of living in either one camp or the other, and is obvious to others who watch on from the outside. Jesus calls on you to live for HIM, not for yourself, and for many this is a call too hard to answer. This ends with the Christian life being “fudged” by many, and inseparable from the world at large. And some of those who operate as “pretend” Christians, muddy the waters for all by dissenting from those who sincerely actually do have the truth, instead of just pretending to have it.

If you do not LIVE the truth, you do not HAVE the truth. To have the truth is to have Jesus, and to live the truth is to live Jesus. By their fruits you shall know them.

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