Well, I guess it would first help for people to appreciate that there IS a hell. There is so much written these days from so many different religions denominations and sects, that confusion reigns.

Well let me add to that. It is plain that there is a specific condition to be avoided, that we call “hell”. Give it whatever name you like, it was spoken of by Jesus as what happens to you if you do not get clear of your sins.

We have the story of the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man was suffering some kind of searing heat, which was extremely uncomfortable. (“I am in anguish in this flame”).

Jesus also told of the man who owed the large debt that was forgiven? But held accountable another man who owed him a small amount, but did not forgive him, but rather imprisoned him etc. Jesus said this unforgiving man would be given over to the “jailers” until he had paid “the last penny”.

Christians are said to be able to pass into the kingdom of God if they are not ‘right up to the mark’, but they would be as those “escaping through the flames”. It is said that every man’s work will be tested ‘by fire’.

The end times are a picture of fire that comes upon the whole creation, and that which is “unshaken” (including people) will survive, but “the earth and the works thereon  (created things) that can be “shaken” will be burnt up”.

Jesus also told of “one being taken and another left”, that for one “there will be gnashing of teeth” when they see themselves excluded from the kingdom. That all will be revealed and all will be held to account, that there will be a resurrection of both the just and the unjust, that one will receive a reward, the other will go into destruction “leaving neither root nor branch”.

It seems very “Catholic like”, but “if you do not believe that I am he (Jesus), you will die in your sins”, ie they will still be with you and you will be held to account for them. ( they will “torture” you). [as the anguish Jesus felt on the cross]. Brings to mind those death bed like confessions we see on TV being received via priests..

Sins are only removed by forgiveness being received into the heart, which then brings the appreciation and return of, love. Love is the very nature of God, so it is love and its outworking which is required. This means self denial and acceptance of Christ as the way the truth and the life, believing that he has dealt with sin for all time, so you can get free of it. There needs to be that “crossing over from death to life”.

So surely our activity should be to achieve that end result, that people are brought to see, not only that Jesus did what he did for us, but WHY he did it and what it means in all respects. That they can live free of the fear of death and hell, never having to worry about them again.

[we are not punished for our sins but by our sins] [some people have suggested that some of this life is hell][is righteousness a torment to unrighteousness?]

4 thoughts on “AVOIDING HELL [205d]

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  4. Thanks for providing a link to this post. If you are objecting to the principle of eternal torment then it is plain you have not read this post, because you will not find eternal torment in it. But I think it is made very plain in scripture that there will be punishment. Matt 5-26, Luke 16. 19-31. Also see post 795.


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